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Believe it until you achieve it!

You have probably heard the term “fake it until you make it” but I prefer “believe it until you achieve it” and is something I have taken on board when developing my new business.

Not only is it more positive, but it also looks towards the future and what your potential could be.

Faking it also suggests that you are an imposter in some way, and that could feed into a sense of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome, simply put, is when you think that you have come into your role by chance or luck or by faking it, and that one day you will be found out.

But if you can believe in yourself, until you get to the place you wanted to achieve, then you may feel more authentic. I think it also offers some space to make mistakes along the way, whereas faking it suggests that you can’t.

Maybe try you can try out that mindset instead.

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