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BIG I, little i

Let’s say from the start that I am not an artist (but then that is also a self-limiting belief, so maybe I shouldn’t). Anyway – not the point.

I love this idea developed by Arnold Lazarus (1977). It helped me realise that there are lots of little “me’s” in me. There is the adventurous me, the organised me, the don’t tell me what to do me, the silly me, the impatient me, the forget to put out the recycling me (to name few). Not all of me is one of those things i.e. saying “I am impatient” is incorrect. There are impatient parts to me, but there are also patient parts.

The smaller i’s represent my different behaviours and the big “I” represent the whole of me, which shows that whilst there may be aspects of me that I am pleased about, there are aspects of me that I would like to improve, but these are only aspects and not the whole of ME that needs to improve. Like my art work …

What this helps us to recognise is that we can accept ourselves more, with all our great and not as great parts.

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