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Are you looking to support individuals in your organisation with their well-being? 

Support for organisations 


Due to my experience, education and passion, I see my mission as supporting those in the caring professions. Your organisation may be focused on helping / caring for people, animals, or the environment, and this is the area of focus for my coaching psychology business.


The mental well-being of your staff is paramount. But if they do not help themselves first, they will find it harder to help or care for others. 

Research has shown that compassion fatigue is a prevalent issue in both human and animal-care-related industries due to its negative effect on mental health and retainment in the profession. 

I know how people working in the caring field are well versed in looking for the signs that something is not going well for someone else, but they may find it harder to look for similar signs in themselves. As a result, they experience compassion fatigue, stress and burnout. They need support, and I want to bring my own helping skills to help those in caring professions.

To support the mental well-being of individuals in an organisation they need to develop their potential, do productive and creative work, build strong and positive relationships and contribute to the community. This is enhanced when we are able to fulfil our personal and social goals to achieve a sense of purpose.


How well is your team? This can be difficult for organisations of any size to truly know. You are experts in your field, but may not be an expert in mental well-being, and that is why bringing in someone from outside your organisation can help. Having a professional who can be neutral and objective allows your colleagues the time and space to offload, re-centre themselves and be their best selves, which means in turn that they can be an advocate for their area of expertise - caring for others. 

There are a multitude of courses out there on well-being education but sometimes people are just not ready to take on new tools or knowledge, plus courses do not necessarily speak to you as an individual. When someone is in an emotional dark hole in their caring role, sometimes education is not the answer and they need someone to work with them.


So if you want to see true behaviour change in areas such as compassion fatigue, empathy fatigue, stress, burnout, well-being, confidence or self care, then we need to work on mindsets and I can help with this.  That is why I believe that 1:1 coaching psychology support is key to helping the individuals within your organisation. 

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