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Packages & Rates

Below are the different types of packages and rates that I offer. You can choose when you have the sessions over a three month period.

I also offer on-going supervision at £85/hr ($106/hr or 99 euro/hr)


If your organisation would like to discuss pricing, please get in touch.

Image by Filip Zrnzević


  • It is important that anyone working with me is ready to change aspects of their life and feels motivated to do so.

  • For individuals or organisations, we can have a complementary chemistry conversation where we can decide together if I am the best fit for you and talk about how our engagement will work. Alternatively, you can email me if you would like to go ahead with my engagement and I can send you the relevant information.

  • I will send out the welcome pack, discovery questionnaire and an invoice. These will need to be finalised before we start our engagement.

  • Coaching packages & sessions - Each package is six sessions (you can see the costs in the "services" section). These six sessions can be held whenever it is needed over a three month period. Each session is sixty minutes and we will meet virtually (this means we avoid a commute, and I can work with anyone, anywhere. I see my own coach virtually which has been beneficial to me). 

  • There may be things to do between the sessions and it is important to be ready to make some changes. None of this will be a quick fix and will take time.

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