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Before helping others, help yourself



My name is Dr Leona Black, but please just call me Leona.

I am an Educational Psychologist and Coach, helping people reach their goals or to make a change in their life. 

My main aim is to support individuals and organisations who help others, and that can be people, animals, the environment ... anything to do with a caring role. 

Having experienced struggles with my own well-being whilst working in a caring capacity, I can relate to the importance of helping yourself so that you can help others.

Please read on to see how I can support you or your organisation.

Thank you, Leona


Image by Claudia Chiavazza

What is coaching?

I have qualifications in psychology and coaching which means that I can apply both of these to support individuals with their lives. I have many years of experience of using psychology in a helping capacity and to understand human behaviour.

In case you are not 100% sure what coaching is, it is different to therapy - we do not delve deeply into someone's past or offer advice but instead look at what is happening now and for the future.


People cannot change what they cannot see, and so it is through questions, observations and reflective listening that people become aware of what needs changing and find the answers that are within them.

My role is to be non-judgemental, ask great questions, get people thinking and moving forwards, to help uncover individual goals and find options to meet these. A great question shines a light into the darkness.

We naturally think about exercise for our physical fitness but sometimes neglect our mind’s fitness which can affect our well-being. Coaching is a bit like having a personal trainer for well-being. 

When working with someone, I assume that they are the expert in how it is to be them. I take the stance that we all possess the skills and knowledge to make positive changes, but sometimes we need someone to help draw these out of us, to help us see what is unseen (which is the meaning behind "BlackLight").


I am not here to tell anyone what to do (who likes that?!) but aim to help individuals work out what is best for them. I may, with permission, offer suggestions or observations as well.

Ultimately the person I work with will know what they need or want, but need someone objective, who can shine another light onto what they are saying, to help them work that out for themselves.  Anyone I work with is the expert in their own life.

After working together, some of the feelings people may have could be ... 


... But whatever someone feels, I hope they will feel differently.

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